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MOO Servers
LambdaMOOThe official LambdaMOO server. (Old SourceForge page) [Local copy is 1.8.1]Local Copy
Stunt Server [Git]Adds multiple inheritance, a native ordered map datatype, JSON parsing, new cryptographic operations, and probably more by the time you read this. [Local copy is release 8. Downloaded 6/9/12]Local Copy
GammaMOOA work-in-progress to 'modernize' the LambdaMOO server. [Local copy is 1.8.1g3r1]Local Copy
LambdaMOO+fooNo experience. Local copy is several years old and of unknown versioning.Local Copy
WinMOOAn antiquated port of the LambdaMOO server to Windows. You would achieve better results with cygwin.Local Copy
MacGoesMOOAn old Macintosh MOO server. Hosted locally as I have no other sources to point to.Help
WaverousA fork of the LambdaMOO server aiming, among other things, to utilize C++ and add a number of compile-time addon features.Local Copy
HellCore ServerThe server provided with HellCore. Contains hashes, profiling, and other game-related modifications. [Local copy is 1.10.4]Local Copy
EtaMOOA reimplementation of the LambdaMOO server in Haskell. Features multi-threading, LMDB database storage, 64-bit integers, and more. Compatible with LambdaMOO databases. [Local copy is]Local Copy

MOO Core Databases
LambdaCoreThe LambdaCore database. Includes the basics for getting started. My personal choice. [Local copy is May 17, 2004.]Local Copy
JHCore (Old Sourceforge Project)Based off of LambdaCore, this core includes several enhancements in pronoun substitution, the building system, virtual furniture and other niceties, MCP, modules, and many others. The link to the left is a live core extraction from Waterpoint. You will need a character.Local Copy
enCore (Sourceforge Project)An educational MOO core.Local Copy
RPGCoreA core with features needed for those creating Role Playing Games similar to MUDs.Local Copy
GhostCoreA core centered around RPG. (I think.)Local Copy
Hero CoreRPG database built from minimal.db. (Formerly Murpg)Local Copy
HellCoreA core database extracted from HellMOO. Bundled with server source.Local Copy
FooCoreI really have no experience with this one. The local copy is 1.1 beta, which is of an indeterminate age.Local Copy
Minimal.dbThe absolute minimum available. Three objects, two verbs. The link to the left is the local copy.Readme
GondolinCoreNot certain what it actually is. This copy is from around 2003. Supplementary material came from the original FTP.Supplementary Material
SyrinniaCoreAgain, not certain what it is. This copy is also from 2003.Local Copy
LiverpoolCoreThis was with Gondolin and Syrinnia. No idea what it is, but it's circa 2003.Local Copy

Server Extensions and Patches
Sourceforge Patches PageA collection of patches, some of dubious utility, that have been submitted to the LambdaMOO project page.Local Copy
FUP 1.9File Utilities Package, which allows direct file access from within a MOO.Local Copy
File I/O 1.5p3 PatchA patch that fixes several issues with FIO 1.5p1, most noticable being a crash in readlines(). The full changelog is included in the patch.Local Copy
File I/O 1.5p1File I/O patch to allow file manipulation from within a MOO. It's recommended to apply the patch above if you intend to use readlines().Local Copy
Martian's MOO ExtensionsHosts the following: Martian's extensions (logical xor, us_time, proc_size, nprogs, random_of, enlist, explode, panic, isa), ext-lists.c (list manipulation functions), ext-gdbm.c (a disk-based version of $generic_db), ext-zlib.c (zlib compression).Local Copy
MOOSQLFunctions for accessing SQL databases from in-MOO. [Local copy is v1.0]Local Copy
WAIF DatatypeA WAIF is a datatype that is essentially a smaller, faster version of an object. The author's website has much more insight. [Local copy is 0.95]Local Copy
ehMOO3-D Graphical Extension to the LambdaMOO Server.Local Copy
MOO Source-Level DebuggerProvides an interface for in-MOO source-level debugging.Local Copy
Sub-second Fork/SuspendA diff for adding sub-second forking and suspending into 1.8.3.Local Copy
Sub-second Fork/Suspend for StuntA diff for adding sub-second forking and suspending into StuntLocal Copy
Stunt SQL BranchA branch of the Stunt server that offers SQL capabilities that take advantage of new features offered in the Stunt server.Local Copy
BrightMOO [Sourceforge]A project aiming to build 3D client-side environments using a MOO backend.Local Copy

Various MOO Documents
MOO-Cows FAQMOO-Cows Frequently Asked Questions.Local Copy
Archwizard FAQFrequently asked questions by new MOO wizards.Local Copy
MacMOO StartupInformation about getting started with MacMOO.Local Copy
Unix Server SetupA guide to compiling LambdaMOO on a Unix machine.Local Copy
Windows Server SetupA guide to setting up a MOO server on Windows.Local Copy
Programmer's Quick ReferenceA reference guide for common MOO programmer information.Local Copy
MOO-Cows ArchiveAn archive of messages from the MOO-Cows mailing list.Local Copy
The Incredible Tale of LambdaMOOTechTV's view of the history of LambdaMOO.Local Copy
MOO GuideA beginner's guide to MOOing.Local Copy
Yib's Guide to MOOingAn online guide to MOOing from Yib. Also available in print.Local Copy
The Cow Ate My BrainProvides an introduction to MOOing.Local Copy
LambdaMOO Takes a New DirectionJust what it sounds like.Local Copy
A Rape in CyberspaceA historicalish story about LambdaMOO.Local Copy
LambdaMOO Takes Another DirectionAnother direction for LambdaMOO!Local Copy
Anatomy of a LambdaMOO DBDescribes the database structure.Local Copy
MOO Beginner ReferenceA reference for MOO beginners.Local Copy
Programmer's ReferenceA MOO programming "cheat sheet".Local Copy
Who Sped Up the MOO?A symposium held on MediaMOO in 1998 about how LambdaMOO 1.5.0r5 is two to three times faster.Local Copy

MOO Code/Scripts
Aloha WebserverA feature-rich webserver for MOO.Local Copy
Ender/Amigo's WebserverAnother, much more simple webserver. Preferred by me.Local Copy
Dark_Owl's ANSI ScriptA script that allows ANSI colors to be implemented in a MOO.Local Copy
ANSI BackgroundsA script which allows you to enable background colors with Dark_Owl's ANSI code.Local Copy
MCP/2.1Out of band protocol used for sending messages between servers and clients.Local Copy
AutoportAutomatic porting system for MOOs. (Zip file.)Local Copy
CheckpointerProvides information about checkpoints.Local Copy
E_WEB ServerAnother MOO webserver.Local Copy
Achille's ChannelsA collection of verbs for easy channel creation. [User submitted content.]Local Copy
Achille's Who and WhereReplacement who and where verbs, adding extra features to each. [User submitted content.]Local Copy

Learn LambdaMOOA series of YouTube videos by SevenEcks detailing how to compile the server and introducing the MOO programming language and LambdaCore basics.Local Copy
Yib's Pet Rock TutorialThe best MOO programming tutorial ever written.Local Copy
Wind-Up Duck TutorialA tutorial which enables you to create a wind-up duck.Local Copy
Mort's Introduction to MOOingA tutorial covering the basics of MOO programming. (Note: Local copy is incomplete.)Local Copy
CDR's TutorialA unique approach to a MOO tutorial.Local Copy
Unofficial MOO Programming TutorialAnother programming tutorial.Local Copy
MOO PepsiA tutorial for creating Pepsi.Local Copy
Quiver's Building TutorialA tutorial on building.Local Copy
Unofficial Programming TutorialCanton Becker's programming tutorial.Local Copy
Uncle Tak's Guide to MOO ProgrammingA tutorial covering a variety of MOO programming topics.Local Copy
Colin's Way Easy MOO Programming ExamplesA brief tutorial on a bouncy ball, a chalkboard, and a talking parrot. Also has ideas for beginner projects to practice.Local Copy
LambdaMOO Programming TutorialA comprehensive explanation of MOO programming concepts by Steven J. Owens. Well, a rough draft.Local Copy

MOO Manuals
LambdaMOO+Stunt Programmer's ManualA manual about all things related to the server (LambdaMOO+Stunt) and language.Local Copy
LambdaMOO Programmer's Manual (1.8.0p6)A manual about all things related to the server (version 1.8.0p6) and language.Local Copy
LambdaMOO Programmer's Manual (1.8.1)A manual about all things related to the server (version 1.8.1) and language.Local Copy
LambdaMOO Programmer's Manual (1.8.2)A manual about all things related to the server (version 1.8.2) and language.Local Copy
LambdaCore Users ManualProvides helpful information about LambdaCore. Local Copy
LambdaCore Database Programmers ManualProvides helpful information about what does what in LambdaCore. Local Copy
Updated LambdaMOO Programmer's Manual (2018)An updated version of the LambdaMOO Programmer's Manual from Brendan / SevenEcks.Local Copy

Helpful MOO Links
The Lost Library of MOOA list of useful MOO documents.N/A
Metaverse MOO ResourcesVarious MOO resources.N/A
Fringe's MOO ResourcesHandy page of resources.N/A
MOO Programming RepositoryA Git repository containing a number of MOO programming guides and documents. [Local copy is commit 24b1b89]Local Copy

MOO Clients
VMooA windows client with good local editor.N/A
Trebuchet TkA cross-platform client with tabbed worlds, scripting, SSL, and other useful features.N/A
TinTin++A commandline client.N/A
TinyFugueAnother commandline client.N/A
tkMOO-lightA multi-platform client with several useful features.N/A
SavitarA Macintosh client.N/A
AtlantisAnother Macintosh client.N/A
zMUDA popular client with several features.N/A
PuebloPueblo 2.60b, Windows client.N/A
MUSHclientAnother popular client, apparently good for scripts.N/A
Dome ClientA based MOO client with support for local editing. [Local copy is commit 51d9e45]Local Copy

MOO Database BrowserUtilities for offline browsing of MOO databases. Includes command-line, web-based, and XML conversion.Local Copy

Mailing List Archives
MOO TalkAn archive of the currently active MOO mailing list.N/A
MOO-Cows 1990January 1990 to November 1990.Local Copy
MOO-Cows 1991January 1991 to December 1991.Local Copy
MOO-Cows 1992January 1992 to December 1992.Local Copy
MOO-Cows 1993January 1993 to December 1993.Local Copy
MOO-Cows 1994January 1994 to December 1994.Local Copy
MOO-Cows 1995January 1995. Incomplete.Local Copy
MOO-Cows 1995January 1995 to December 1995.Local Copy
MOO-Cows 1996January 1996 to December 1996.Local Copy
MOO-Cows 1997January 1997 to April 1997. Incomplete?Local Copy
MOO-Cows 2005July 2005 to December 2005. Missing January-June.Local Copy
MOO-Cows 2006January 2006 to May 2006. Incomplete. Missing June-December.Local Copy

Dead MOO Links
Rachel's Super MOO ListA large list of MOOs to connect
MOO GenericsVarious MOO generics for
MOO File LibraryHas some interesting things I hadn't seen
MOOprog Mailing List ArchivesA collection of posts to the MOOprog mailing