Jabber for MOOs


This page provides a small amount of information about the Jabber MOO implementation I have been working on at LogMOO.  Jabber MOO is the ability to use a MOO as a jabber server.  This provides interconnectivity between Jabber and MOOs.


For information on what has been done so far, take a look at:


Also, http://ahynes1.homeip.net:8000/moo/jabber/jabstat.htm goes into more detail about what is going on.


For information on how to install this on your MOO, take a look at



There are two key components that you will need to install





The jabberd listener is invoked by $inetd at




They are very early versions, and pretty kludgy.  If anyone wants to make modifications, please send them on to me. 

The version of $inetd that runs on LogMOO also has code for LogoMOO.  I have stripped it out of the version distributed here.


You also need to load the following programs



It contains a feature object for communicating with Jabber users and for seeing who is connected via jabber.

It also contains a modification to generic channels to talk with Jabber.


One final note:  I have been playing with a MOO based WikiWiki.  I have set up a page for sharing notes on JabberMOO.  It can be access as http://ahynes1.homeip.net:9999/681/wdisplay